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Exodus 14:13-14

Fear ye not…the LORD shall fight for you.


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Identification In Discipleship

In the youth group of Fellowship Baptist Church there is a girl who is an avid Carolina Panthers fan (thats pro football, just in case you were wondering). She has Panthers mugs, t-shirts, hat, and even a Panthers blanket! She knows when they win and when they lose. They are her team! She has never […]

Offence or Open Door

Throughout the life of a believer there will be several watershed moments that will determine the outcome of that life. These will be moments of crossroad decisions, which will take great character to conquer. What will be the basis of these crises is the response a believer makes to a request that God clearly puts […]

What is a Holiday?

Websters dictionary gives the following two definitions for the word holiday. A day on which custom or law dictates a cessation of general business activity to celebrate or commemorate a particular event. A religious feast day: HOLY DAY. The Biblical word holy means to be set apart or separated. As we enter the last two […]

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