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The Secret of God’s Blessing

In the Book of Numbers, God recounts to us the story of the twelve spies that were sent to investigate the land of Canaan which He had already promised to give to Israel. Ten of those spies turned out to be failures and only two were blessed with true possession of victory in the land. In chapter fourteen and verse 24, God reveals what made the difference. My servant Caleb, because he had another spirit in him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land. Caleb displayed a telling characteristic. He thought differently than the ten, and therefore acted differently.

His thinking is revealed throughout this story. In Numbers 13:30 he displayed a spirit of faith rather than a spirit of fear. In the same passage he displayed a spirit of endeavor into the unknown rather than a desire to stay where things are familiar and safe. In Numbers 14:6,9 he lived out a life in the fear of the Lord rather than rebellion against God, showing that he consistently walked in the conscious presence of God. This way of thinking caused him to live a life of total surrender and Joshua 14:6-12 reveals that after forty-five years he had not lost that zeal and cried out give me that mountain.

If we are going to be partakers of the blessing of Caleb, then we must adopt his unique spirit or mindset. Our faith must be displayed in such a way that God, and all who are observing us, are well aware that we believe what God has said, and expect Him to keep His Word. We cannot be stilled by fear and never try to do what God has already said we can, even if the circumstances warn against it. We must realize that to hesitate or outright refuse to obey the command of God, or act on the promises of God is plain rebellion. It is imperative that we walk to closely to the Lord on a daily basis that we can sense His presence and be reminded of His power and promises in every situation. If we practice this kind of thinking, we will be able to follow Him wholly and be faithful throughout our entire lives.

Those ten who failed had the thinking of the majority. Live for self. Live safe. Live by what I can see and understand. The promises of God may not be true. This is the life of mediocre Christianity, which is described by powerless prayer, fruitless witnessing, no testimony of divine provision and intervention and a life of fear of circumstances. Every Christian has the daily choice to live in the spirit of Caleb or the spirit of defeat. What mountain will you ask God for today?