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The “Go” Of The Gospel

In 1977, my wife and I moved to Englewood, Ohio and planted the Heritage Baptist Church. Upon arrival we did not rent a building and then show up on Sunday, expecting people to come. We rented a building, printed flyers, and knocked on hundreds and even thousands of doors over the next eighteen years. Why did we not just sit and expect them to come since we were there? Because no one would come without someone going after them.

There is a reason God said in Mark 16:15, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel.” Romans 10:14 tells us why. “How shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard?” We cannot expect people to come and be saved, our church to grow, our new converts to grow and multiply just because we have a building, a pastor and leaders, and a set of programs. We must heed the command of God to GO!

God has given us the principle of Going. We must understand it is a command to us. We must get up and go with a determination to obey actively. It is an act of faith. We have the authority to honor our obedience. We also go depending upon God to work because only He has the power to convict and save those who we are reaching.

God has also given us the purpose of Going. The Gospel is the needed message for people today, just as it has been for over two thousand years. Our compassion must match that of Christ, and just as He died sacrificially we must go sacrificially and give the message that makes the difference. Souls are dying and dependent upon us to let them hear so that they can believe.

That brings us to the problem of Going. Motivation is always a nemesis. Self raises its head and gets in the way. It will cost us to reach others, put our personal feelings on the line and sacrificially spend and be spent for others. Confidence is also an obstacle. Unless we recognize that I can’t, but He can, we will remain on our couch of inactivity and let “someone more qualified” do our job. “I can do all things through Christ,” must be believed and obeyed if we are to make a difference for God. Time is not always available, but our priority must be eternal rather than temporal. I must have time for souls. A growing church depends on it, but the fate of lost souls is really the most compelling reason to GO!