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Sermons on Sin

What The Lord Hates

Pastor Hager preaches from Proverbs 6, clearly outlining the 7 sins that the Lord hates. He outlines the differences of each particular category of sin and then shows us how each one of them involves our relationship with the Lord. He challenges us to take God’s perspective against those sins.

Who Killed Jesus?

Pastor Hager answers this question with a message from Matthew 27. He shows us that Jesus laid down His life willingly because of our sin, and that no one took His life from Him. But he also shows us the guilt of the world and the individual, in the fact that we sinned, and this is why He died.

Failure and Restoration

Pastor Hager preaches on the failure and restoration of Peter from Luke 22. He describes different reasons for failure in the believer’s life and then then challenges us regarding the pattern that Christ used in Peter’s restoration back to a fruitful and effective relationship with Himself.