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Sunday Morning Service 11:00 am
Sunday Evening Service 6:30 pm
Wednesday Evening Service 7:00 pm

Sermons on Peace

The God Of Peace

Pastor Hager preaches from John 14, reminding us of the peace we can have with God. He encourages us to trust God no matter the trial because He is always in control. Then lastly he challenges believers to accept God’s peace daily, and to rest in the presence of the Lord.

The Invitation to the Abundant Life

Pastor Hager preaches from Matthew 11:28-30 on God’s invitation to the abundant life. He points out that when we come to trust God in salvation, we find peace with Him. When we take His yoke upon us, we receive the peace of God, which is deeper because of our surrender and obedience. Finally, he challenges us to accept the progressive invitation God gives us to learn of Him.