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Sunday Evening Service 6:30 pm
Monday – 2:52 Clubs 7-9 pm
Wednesday Evening Service 7:00 pm

Sermons on Grace

The New Man

Pastor Hager preaches from Colossians 3 dealing with The New Man. He reminds us that we have a new position as believers in Christ, and encourages us that putting on Christwill keep us from giving in tothe pressures of this world. He then leaves us with the challenge to show Jesus Christ in our lives […]

God’s Amazing Grace

Dr. Alton Beal preaches a powerful message from Titus 2, helping us gain a better understanding and appreciation of the amazing grace of God. He challenges us that grace is effective both for salvation as well as for every-day Christian living, and to access that grace by faith for powerful service and testimony.

I Know Thee By Name

Pastor Hager preaches a message from Exodus 33:12-17. He shows us that what makes Christians different from the world is that God’s presence goes with us, He gives us rest, we’ve found grace in His sight, and He knows us by name. He challenges us to choose to live like God’s people.