Sunday School 10:00 am
Sunday Morning Service 11:00 am
Sunday Evening Service 6:30 pm
Wednesday Evening Service 7:00 pm

Sermons on Faith

Faith That Moves Mountains

Pastor Hager preaches a strong and convicting message from Mark 11, dealing with the faith that moves mountains. He shows us simple, yet powerful truths in strengthening our faith. He encourages us not only to read God’s Word daily, but to believe and to desire God’s Word daily. He challenges us to place our complete […]

Growing Faith

Pastor Hager preaches from 2 Thessalonians 1 encouraging us to grow our faith. He challenges us to ask God for patience so that our faith may grow through times of hardship, He also reminds us to keep our focus on God at all times. Then lastly he challenges believers to encourage and pray for each […]

Where Are You Placing Your Trust?

Pastor Hager preaches from 2 Kings 18, encouraging us to place our complete trust upon God. He challenges us to never give up on God, because He is always faithful and will protect us when we are at His side. He then challenges us to have a personal devotion with God every day so that […]

Why Do Sinners Prosper?

Evangelist Chuck Kempf opens our Spring Revival Meetings with a Sunday School lesson from Psalm 73, in which he deals with the question of Christian suffering and sinners’ prosperity. He challenges us to remain faithful to God and to keep an eternal perspective in God’s working with mankind and the unfailing principles of God’s blessing upon those who serve Him

Growing Faith For Greater Works

Pastor Hager preaches from the book of John, describing the journey of faith the disciples took in their time with Jesus. He explains the importance of believers today understanding the reality of Christ’s power in nature, over death, in salvation, and in every-day Christian living. He challenges us to look to Christ in our journey of faith, and to believe Him to do greater works in us so that He can do greater works through us.

The Power Of Growing Faith

Pastor Hager preaches from Mark 9 on “The Power of Growing Faith”. He points out that faith sets no limits on God’s power, but submits to His will. He shows how Christ made it clear that the boy’s healing was not contingent on His power, but on their faith. He then encourages us to have power […]

All Spiritual Blessings

Pastor Hager preaches from Ephesians 1 on “All Spiritual Blessings”. He explains how God the Father has blessed us through His Son, to the extent that by faith we can access all that pertains to life and godliness. He challenges us not to adhere to the fleshly temporal blessings that Satan offers, but to choose to […]