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Sunday Morning Service 11:00 am
Sunday Evening Service 6:30 pm
Monday – 2:52 Clubs 7-9 pm
Wednesday Evening Service 7:00 pm

Sermons on Blessing

A New Thing: A Way In The Wilderness

Pastor Hager preaches from Isaiah 43, reviewing our theme verse from 2016. He challenges us to understand where we have failed, not to get discouraged by those failures, but instead to look to Jesus for forgiveness and cleansing. He then reminds us of the importance of looking ahead to what Christ wants to do in and through us to make an impact for eternity.

The Sons Of Jacob

Dr. Williams closes our Fall Revival meetings with a powerful and poignant message dealing with the consequences of each one of our actions as believers. He traces the basic history of each of the twelve sons of Jacob as he described them just before his death in Genesis 49. He challenges us with the responsibility […]

All Spiritual Blessings

Pastor Hager preaches from Ephesians 1 on “All Spiritual Blessings”. He explains how God the Father has blessed us through His Son, to the extent that by faith we can access all that pertains to life and godliness. He challenges us not to adhere to the fleshly temporal blessings that Satan offers, but to choose to […]

Under His Wings

Pastor Hager preaches about abiding under God’s wings from Psalm 36. He emphasizes how when we are under God’s wings, we are in a place of trust, satisfaction, and enlightenment, and receive joy and the power of the Holy Spirit. He also encourages us to stay away from pride and wickedness, which will hinder God’s blessing.

A Chorus of Praise

Pastor Hager challenges us on the priority of praise from Isaiah 12. He describes our future state of praise in heaven and then points out the importance of our present responsibility to praise the Lord. We can only properly live this life of praise as we are accessing the wonderful blessings of our salvation on a daily basis as we “draw from the wells of salvation.”

A Good Place

Pastor Hager preaches a topical message dealing with being in a place where God can bless the believer. He cites examples of obedience, faith, purity, and others as he encourages the believer to live consistently in the “good place” of God’s blessing.