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Sermons by Pastor Bryce Hager (Page 26)

Just Because It’s Legal Doesn’t Make It Right!

Pastor Hager uses Acts 5:17-42 as a starting point to deal with some present issues in America today. He points out that, Biblically, sins that culture and government may legalize and consider good must still be considered sin by Christians. He challenges us that our responsibility is not to react in sin to decisions being made, but rather to respond in prayer and obedience to God’s Word to reach our community with the Gospel that changes lives.

His Banner Over Me

Pastor Hager presents the truth of Christ’s love for us in Song of Solomon 2:1-4. He applies the truths of Christ’s love creating worth, providing protection, and being public to the believer’s relationship to Christ as well as to the marriage relationship. He challenges the Christian to purity of all aspects of life because of the reality of Christ’s love.

Christian Character

Pastor Hager challenges believers regarding Christian Character from Daniel 6. Citing Daniel’s example, he emphasizes the qualities of faith, faithfulness, and prayer as vital to every believers’ life. Only when these qualities are in place can the believer live a life of Godly character – doing right habitually.

A Good Place

Pastor Hager preaches a topical message dealing with being in a place where God can bless the believer. He cites examples of obedience, faith, purity, and others as he encourages the believer to live consistently in the “good place” of God’s blessing.

What God Can Do!

Starting in 1 Corinthians 1:27-29, Pastor Hager challenges us with the glorious fact that God wants to use anyone who will be surrendered to be used. He traces examples through the Bible of ordinary people who were used by God in great ways, and then practically applies God’s vision for us to each believer and to our church as a whole.