Sunday School 10:00 am
Sunday Morning Service 11:00 am
Sunday Evening Service 6:30 pm
Monday – 2:52 Clubs 7-9 pm
Wednesday Evening Service 7:00 pm

Sermons on Proverbs


Dr. Ron Williams opens our Fall Revival meetings with a simple, yet powerful message regarding friends from Proverbs 24. He describes the importance of parental guidance in choosing friends as well as the characteristics of a godly friend and then challenges parents to take responsibility in the home for the spiritual well-being of their children.

What The Lord Hates

Pastor Hager preaches from Proverbs 6, clearly outlining the 7 sins that the Lord hates. He outlines the differences of each particular category of sin and then shows us how each one of them involves our relationship with the Lord. He challenges us to take God’s perspective against those sins.