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Prophecy Conference

Dr. Kent Prain opens our Prophecy Conference on Saturday evening with foundational principles of prophecy. He presents the importance of prophecy for us today, and then lays out key terms and definitions for our eschatological (end times) study. He closes by outlining Daniel’s visions and by focusing on the vital necessity of Israel’s distinction from the Church for a clear, consistent, and biblical eschatological paradigm.

Dr. Kent Prain continues our Prophecy Conference in our Sunday School session with a focus on the rapture of the church. He deals with the differing views of the timing of the rapture and presents a biblical perspective of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture view. Concerning the Tribulation, Dr. Prain explains God’s plan for Israel’s redemption. He closes this session by challenging believers with our responsibility for holy living and aggressive soulwinning in light of the imminent return of Christ.

Dr. Kent Prain continues our Prophecy Conference in our Sunday morning service, in which he describes the Tribulation and the judgments entailed. He describes the rise and fall of the anti-christ and then the triumphant, literal, physical return of Christ. He closes with a challenge about the truth and validity of God’s Word and a call to accept it both for salvation as well as for Christian living.

Dr. Kent Prain concludes our Prophecy Conference in our Sunday evening service with a clear lesson on the second coming of Christ. He lays out clear biblical evidence of the literal, physical, millennial reign of Christ, and then describes the importance of the fulfillment of each of the four covenants during the Millennium. He closes our conference with a vitally important challenge to believers regarding our witness for Christ today.


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