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Offence or Open Door

Throughout the life of a believer there will be several watershed moments that will determine the outcome of that life. These will be moments of crossroad decisions, which will take great character to conquer. What will be the basis of these crises is the response a believer makes to a request that God clearly puts before him. If a request from God offends a believer, then God will be limited in His ability to use and bless that believer. However, if the request is received and embraced, no matter what the cost, then it opens a door of opportunity that is limitless in its scope of blessing, both immediately as well as in future days.

Daniel faced such a crossroads when he was offered the kings meat. Gods law told him he could not partake and maintain fellowship with God. However, to refuse put him in a bad circumstance with fellow captives as well as the prince of the eunuchs. Daniel displayed great character that opened the door to power with the king and leadership among the captives.

The twelve spies came back with two different reports. Joshua and Caleb believed Gods promise and said, we be well able to conquer the land. Ten others refused Gods promise and swayed the crowd to the inactivity of unbelief. Psalm 78:41 declared that they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel. Joshua and Caleb were the only ones over the age of twenty that were allowed to enter and possess the land with Gods blessing.

Today, believers are faced with similar choices. We can be offended by Gods demand and compromise Biblical standards. This may make life easier in the short run, but at the great expense of a clear conscience toward God and a powerless life of witness. We can be offended by Gods desire that we be public soul winnersthus limiting Gods ability to use us and meets the needs of a lost society. We can be offended by Gods desire for His children to Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers. This ends up with an unstable marriage, children with little or no exposure to the Bible, and many times a broken homethus limiting Gods ability to us the believer in any meaningful way.

Choosing to accept Gods plan and purpose will, at times, seem to be costly. But, the very choice itself is a test that proves the character and usefulness of the believer. Gods way is always the best. Gods blessing is far greater than any short term gain. Dont be offended by Gods expectationit is the open door to a life of blessing and eternal fruit.