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Missions Conference

At our annual Missions Conference, we have a special session in which the missionaries share burdens that the Lord has laid on their hearts. This year, our missionaries are addressing the need for prayer in missions, both on the home front, as well as on the field. Monday, January 25 – Tim Joyner (Uganda) Notes: PDF […]

Faithfulness & Patience

Hebrews 12:1b encourages us to “run with patience the race that is set before us.”  God’s plan is revealed many times throughout scripture to be one that has the eternal and not the immediate as the ultimate goal.   God spent the first eighty years of Moses life preparing him for the real ministry of bringing […]

The “Go” Of The Gospel

In 1977, my wife and I moved to Englewood, Ohio and planted the Heritage Baptist Church. Upon arrival we did not rent a building and then show up on Sunday, expecting people to come. We rented a building, printed flyers, and knocked on hundreds and even thousands of doors over the next eighteen years. Why […]

Do You Get It?

One major factor in the decline of the youth in our churches today is their lack of understanding and interest in the Bible. The primary reason for this tragedy, I believe, can be traced to the failure of parents to make the Bible a priority in the home. But that is not the focus of […]


What is your word worth? Have you ever said, “You have my word on it?” I am surely grateful that God’s Word is His bond. His Word is forever settled in heaven. Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” My name is established by whether or not I […]

A Nobody Who Never Died

In our pursuit of the study of the Bible, we often overlook people who seem to be “nobodies” when it comes to the amount of Scripture dedicated to them. We enjoy studying people like Abraham, Moses, David, and Paul, and rightly so. But what about men in the Bible who receive very little attention? Is […]

Resolution #1

All of us have our “New Year’s Resolutions” – things that we believe need to be changed in the coming year in order to make our life a little better. You may have your own – to lose weight, to keep a better budget, to learn something new, or to try to stay healthy. While […]