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Passionate Parenting, Pt. 2

We continue with our Passionate Parenting clinic, an overview of the Biblical principles of successful parenting. Using the book by Cary Schmidt, we consider the importance of understanding how authority plays out first in the life of the parent, and then in the lives of the children. Biblical authority is also authentic, because it is […]

Choosing To Change

Every January 1st many of us make some decisions about the year to come. “This year I am going to…” Many times these decisions concern physical appearance, personal habits, exercise regimens, financial goals, even spiritual choices. God has called us to set before ourselves the priority of growth. 2 Peter 3:18 calls us to “Grow […]

Passionate Parenting, Pt. 1

Join us as we survey the Biblical principles of effective parenting. Using the book, Passionate Parenting, by Carry Schmidt, we consider what it takes for parents to successfully raise Godly young people in our wicked world today. Session 1: “Introduction – Understanding Your Child’s Changes”  In this first session, we consider the importance of parenting with […]

My Bible – My Life

2 Timothy 3:16 tells us clearly that “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” It is necessary as believers that we not only accept this as a fact, but also that we live in the daily reality of this truth. If our lives are not validating our claim that we believe the Bible to […]

Back To School

Around this time of year, we often see and hear the term “Back To School.” Usually it refers to the business of getting school supplies, uniforms, curriculum, and finishing up late-summer vacations. But underlying all of the commotion is a basic principle: It is time to leave off distractions and mindless activities and return with […]

Prophecy Conference

Dr. Kent Prain opens our Prophecy Conference on Saturday evening with foundational principles of prophecy. He presents the importance of prophecy for us today, and then lays out key terms and definitions for our eschatological (end times) study. He closes by outlining Daniel’s visions and by focusing on the vital necessity of Israel’s distinction from the […]