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My Bible – My Life

2 Timothy 3:16 tells us clearly that “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God.” It is necessary as believers that we not only accept this as a fact, but also that we live in the daily reality of this truth. If our lives are not validating our claim that we believe the Bible to be God’s will for our lives, we are, in fact, proclaiming the opposite, whether or not we actually verbalize it.

Assuming then that we believe the Bible to be the perfect, inspired Word of God, containing God’s perfect will for our lives, we then must consider what areas of our lives perfect will should affect.

This verse continues on to say that all Scripture (notice the truth that Scripture is not a “buffet” for us to choose what we want or do not want to believe) is profitable for four general areas of our lives, covering every aspect of our existence.

God’s Word is profitable for teaching us what is right (doctrine). Our understanding of truth will determine our actions in response to that truth. It is vitally important that we study and meditate on doctrine so that we know not just what our church believes, but so that we understand and can give an answer to both what we believe and why we believe it.

The next area is built on the foundation of Biblical doctrine. As we understand and accept the teaching of truth in God’s Word, we will be confronted with areas of our lives that are contrary to that truth. This is a watershed issue for many believers, as we are willing to say that we believe the truth, but too often are not willing to change when that truth exposes the faulty thinking or belief or our own preferences.

Now that we know what is right and have been confronted with what is wrong in our lives, the inspired Word of God leads us to understand how to make it right. God our Father understands that without correction, we would be without hope, trying to make ourselves better without an understanding of the source of goodness, God Himself! He points us back to Himself as the answer to life’s every problem to our failures, and to our needs. The important issue is whether or not we will be willing to surrender to His corrective measures in our lives.

Finally, when confession and surrender have taken place, God uses His Word to instruct us in a lifestyle that is righteous—separated from sin and to God. This is the practical outworking of doctrine, reproof, and correction from the Word of God. There is not a situation in our modern lives that cannot be addressed by the principles of God’s Word. Our knowledge, wisdom, discernment, judgment, and then actions must be directly dictated by the principles of God’s Word.

The finished product of God’s Word in our lives can be seen in verse 17. “That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.” Only as God has free course to lead us through His Word can we come to true maturity in our Christian walk. The natural outcome of the power of the Bible is the fruit of good works. God wants to equip us as Christians to do His perfect will, but is waiting for us to immerse and saturate ourselves with His Word, so that He may work both in and through us—for His glory!