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What is your word worth? Have you ever said, “You have my word on it?” I am surely grateful that God’s Word is His bond. His Word is forever settled in heaven. Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” My name is established by whether or not I keep my word. God’s name is established by the fact that every word of God is pure and I can count on God keeping His commitments. He promised me that if I would trust Him He would save me and keep me. In this day of broken trust and small view of the value of our word, God’s commitment to me is of great value.

Much is made today in Christianity of making a commitment to Christ. Some say that I have committed myself to serve the Lord in one capacity or another. Some commit themselves to a church responsibility, others to a lifetime of full-time service. However, when something becomes difficult, or a better attraction comes on the scene, that commitment goes away. Sadly many of us think nothing of breaking our word, our commitment, in such a case. Parents even train their family in “getting out of a promise” by saying that a new opportunity is more important. NOTHING is or ever will be more important than keeping your word. It is your testimony and character at stake.

“The greatest ability is dependability.” If my word is not reliable, if people cannot depend on me to do what I have said, can they believe what I say about Christ? If we have made a commitment, we are bound by our testimony and relationship to Christ to make that promise good. A commitment to Christ does not stop when the novelty has worn off. If I promised to witness, then I witness. If I promised to pray, then I pray. If I promised to obey, give up sin, change my attitude, forgive, love, give to God – these are all commitments that do not change with circumstances, emotions, or peer pressure.

May God grant us the grace to live up to our word. May people be able to say of us that if they said it, then it is so.