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Choices Have Consequences

In II Samuel 11, King David made a seemingly insignificant choice to commit a small sin of omission. It was the time of year for kings to go to battle, but  David sent Joab and stayed home. This one choice then created such a ripple that lives were lost, and a nation was thrust into a constant state of war that did not end until David was taken out of the picture.

Recently I was reminded that the actions of one person will have tremendous effect on many others, including people that person does not or may never know. Choices create reactions that have a domino effect. If one person had not chosen to sin, then the lives of many others would have been changed in a positive way. This principle applies to countless areas of our Christian lives.

A father’s choice about family devotions will have a negative or positive effect on his wife, his children, and eventually his grandchildren. Children who may have been saved during family altar may go unreached if the wrong choice is made. A mother may soften her standards for her daughter because she wants her to “be happy” and allows for a life-style that invites unwanted attentions and results in a wayward life or even worse. A girl on a date may lower her standards to gain some guy’s favor and finds herself expecting a baby with no father in sight. Her life and plans are forever changed by one “small choice.”

Our daily choices make a huge difference. There is no room for one small choice for self if we expect to be used by God, blessed by God, and protected from the enemy. It is a most selfish thing for a Christian to choose to serve self, even for just on second, because of the ripple effect it can have on a large base of people. One pastor choosing to follow his lust can ruin a family, a church, a ministry. One church member can taint the testimony of an entire congregation. One parent can set an example for  generations to come of righteousness or compromise and failure.

Ruth made a choice to be loyal to her mother-in-law and became a part of the bloodline of Jesus Christ. Daniel chose not to defile himself and influenced an entire kingdom for God. Joseph chose to fight off Mrs. Potiphar and delivered his entire family from a killing famine. No choice is insignificant. No action goes without spreading results. Eternity will reveal both the negative and positive ramifications of our choices and will result in just rewards in both cases. May we think and act with an upward and eternal look.