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by Pastor Pardee

My Walk With My God, Pt. 2

In our last article, we discussed the importance of hermeneuticsthe study, understanding, and application of Gods Word. Taken from 2 Timothy 2:15, we pointed out the reality of the work involved and the necessity of basic principles in our interpretation of the Bible. Without a set of rules, the Bible would be open to any […]

Escaping Temptation

Often, when someone has been caught in a sin, his first response is, I couldn’t help it – had to do it. In an effort to appease our consciences, we regularly assume that there are temptations that we must give in to our own personal besetting sins. 1 Corinthians 10:13 challenges the believer with three […]

Back To School

Around this time of year, we often see and hear the term “Back To School.” Usually it refers to the business of getting school supplies, uniforms, curriculum, and finishing up late-summer vacations. But underlying all of the commotion is a basic principle: It is time to leave off distractions and mindless activities and return with […]

Do You Get It?

One major factor in the decline of the youth in our churches today is their lack of understanding and interest in the Bible. The primary reason for this tragedy, I believe, can be traced to the failure of parents to make the Bible a priority in the home. But that is not the focus of […]

A Nobody Who Never Died

In our pursuit of the study of the Bible, we often overlook people who seem to be “nobodies” when it comes to the amount of Scripture dedicated to them. We enjoy studying people like Abraham, Moses, David, and Paul, and rightly so. But what about men in the Bible who receive very little attention? Is […]